Changing the Game for Both Saltwater and Freshwater Fishermen

The CAN-N-ROD family are honoring the men and women in uniform for the month of May and June. Check out these limited edition scales!

A woman in the water holding two fishing rods.

Because Your Gear Deserves the Best

Designed for both saltwater and freshwater fishermen, CAN-N-ROD is the ultimate fishing gear for anglers. Our revolutionary product features a patented design that addresses the inconveniences associated with mishandling your prized fishing gear. With CAN-N-ROD, experience the ease of storing, handling, transporting, rigging, rinsing, and protecting your gear seamlessly.


CAN-N-ROD is offered for the saltwater and freshwater fisherman. For the outdoor individuals who enjoy fishing from a bridge, pier, beach to the boat owners who fish from the water, our product will be your best friend. CAN-N-ROD allows you to store, handle, transport, rig, rinse, and protect your gear. Featuring our patented designs: the lock plate dial which secures your fishing poles, the puck that protects your guides and tips, the built in drain system to rinse your gear once you get home and the ability to store your gear safely without requiring much space. CAN-N-ROD offers 11 custom designs to personalize your CAN-N-ROD.

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